Stage 2: 'Street & Track' Adjustable Rear Control Arms - Mini (All)

Stage 2: 'Street & Track' Adjustable Rear Control Arms - Mini (All)

Code: MiniCntrlArm-ST
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Product Description


The Mini has 4 (2 each side) rear suspension links that control rear wheel movement and camber. If you install a pair of our adjustable links on each side you can adjust either the camber or toe.

-These links use heavy duty urethane bushings. The urethane bushings provide much better control than any rubber bushings, but are still easily streetable. We provide an adequate amount of grease with each bushing for a sqeak-free drive.

-Our links have strong billet 6061T6 aluminum end-pieces (not welded tube and bolt). Each end is threaded right or left handed. Adjustment procedure is similar to that for tie rods.

-The center bar is heavy wall heat treated aluminum with a hex on the end for easy adjustment. .

- Made right here in the USA. Will fit all new Mini Coopers.