Delrin Brake Pedal Bushings - E30 LATE/E36/E46/Z3/Z4

Delrin Brake Pedal Bushings - E30 LATE/E36/E46/Z3/Z4

Code: DLRNbrkpdlbsh
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Product Description


Worn factory bushings result in a sloppy pedal that often squeaks and/or sits at an angle. Our brake pedal bushings are made from Delrin, which we believe is the ideal material for this particular application ( On the clutch pedal bushing we believe that oilite bronze is ideal [see related listing below]). Designed and made here in Southern California.

To complete the set you may want to order the "Oilite Bronz" clutch-pedal bushings as well (see below).

Fits the following cars:
Late E30 models (04/1989 and later 318,325, M3)
ALL E36 models (318/ti, 323, 325, M3)
ALL E46 models (323, 325, 328, 330, M3)
Z3 (all)
Z4 (all)