Differential Spacers for E21 320 Diff into 2002

Differential Spacers for E21 320 Diff into 2002

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Most E21 differentials are narrower than the 2002 diff, which presents an issue when installing a 320i LSD into your 2002 - our machined aluminum spacers are part of the solution required to make up for the width and output flange differences. If you install a narrower E21 diff into a 2002 without compensating for the lesser width, the output flanges may pop out of the diff under suspension load (and you can wear out the CV joints prematurely). This spacer kit includes a pair of spacers and 12 bolts. For more information on this conversion, please see our article on the subject in the 'Tech' section of our website (It includes what bolt size you will need for your setup).

Please specify whether you'll be using 8mm or 10mm axle hardware.