Thermostat Housing Kit - M20

Thermostat Housing Kit - M20

Code: M20ThKT
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Product Description


Complete Thermostat Kit for your M20 engine. For those looking to go through their cooling system, this is a nice addition. Rather than just putting a new thermostat into an old corroded (often poor sealing) housing, just replace the whole unit.

-Thermostat Housing
-Thermostat *Choose Temp.
-Housing Cap
-Correct Hardware and Plugs
-Bleeder Screw

Installation Note: Upon installation/cooling system overhaul, be sure to bleed the coolant system. Many people (and shops unfamiliar with BMW's) will skip this step, resulting in sustained high temperatures and a bubbling sound. To bleed the system, back out the bleeder screw on top of housing to let the trapped air out. Once coolant begins to come out, re-tighten the bleeder screw. Installation is as per your workshop manual.

Installation Note 2: Be sure the line up the arrow stamped on the thermostat with the bleeder hole on the housing.

Fits the following M20-equipped cars:
1984-92 E30 - 325e, 325i
1983-88 E28 - 528e
1989-90 E34 - 525i