Stainless Steel Exhaust System - E28 535i/E24 635CSi

Stainless Steel Exhaust System - E28 535i/E24 635CSi

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Our polished stainless steel cat-back exhaust system for the E28 535i and E24 635csi. This is a replacement for the factory exhaust system and includes the center and rear sections. It features larger 1.75" diameter pipes for better flow, and it's just a bit louder than stock - we think they have a really nice V8-like burble at idle. They're also 20lbs lighter than the factory system.

Important Fitment Note: Given the many different variations throughout the E28/E24 model-span some adjustments and fabrication may be necessary for different years. Also, the E24 635 exhaust changed after 6/87 to a different configuration - these are not a direct fit for that model. This exhaust is NOT intended for euro-model cars.

You can download instructions here.