IE 22mm Adjustable Front Sway Bar - 2002/NK (BACKORDERED)

IE 22mm Adjustable Front Sway Bar - 2002/NK (BACKORDERED)

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Product Description


The IE 22mm hollow bar mounts to the front subframe mounting points using an aluminum billet pillowblock. Due to its shorter lever arm our bar has the effective stiffness of a 25mm solid bar mounted in the stock location, but weighs only 6 lbs. for reduced unsprung weight. It clears AC and smog pumps. These work great for street cars which need to reduce body roll understeer, and ideally should be paired with our 22mm rear bar to balance the car. We use this bar on our 2002 race cars. Includes urethane bushings, rod ends, hardware and silicone lube.

Option: We also manufacture a solid 22mm front bar with a dropped center for additional oil pan clearance on engine-swap cars or cars with an extended racing oil pan. Will fit S14, M20, M42 motor swaps.

Note: These will fit the 4 door Neue Klasse cars, however since the motor is more forward in these cars we recommend the stiffer drop-center bar.